Executive Board


Mara Ley

Position: President

Major: Environmental Science

Fun Fact: "I'm a black belt in karate!" 


Stephanie Clark

Position: VP Recruitment

Major: Business Management

Fun Fact: "I'm 5 ft. tall, aka fun sized!" 

Kayla Rover

Position: VP Campus Affairs

Major: Dance

Fun Fact: "I am one of nine kids in my family!" 


Claire Dobyns

Position: Director of Admin

Major: Communications 

Fun Fact: "I can't pronounce the words 'Arnold Palmer' together." 


Macky Westendorf

Position: VP Risk Management

Major: Communications 

Fun Fact: "I've been to 22 different countries!" 


Katie Golacinski

Position: VP Marketing 

Major: Communications 

Fun Fact: "I competitively danced for 10 years!" 


Hailey Transue

Position: Director of New Mem Ed

Major: Dance & Communications

Fun Fact: "I eat a croissant everyday!" 


Ava Sambora

Position: Greek Council Delegate

Major: Psychology 

Fun Fact: "I've been to over 100 concerts!" 

IMG_9310 copy.jpg

Helena Drolshagen

Position: VP Campus Operations

Major: Biology 

Fun Fact: "I am an advanced scuba diver!" 


Michelle Frost

Position: VP Programming & Ed

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: "I am half Chinese and half Caucasian." 


Emily Mullet

Position: Director of Finance

Major: Buisness Management

Fun Fact:  "I love sloths and have met 2!"