First Alumnae Chapters Chartered   Photo from

First Alumnae Chapters Chartered 

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Founded in 1872 by ten forward thinking women at Syracuse University, Alpha Phi is now one of the oldest and largest women's fraternities in North America.

Alpha Phis are members of a lifelong sisterhood, a womans' fraternity. Our keystone is friendship-warm, simple and sincere. In Alpha Phi there is encouragement, understanding, and opportunities to grow. With members all over the world and collegiate and alumnae chapters throughout the United States and Canada our sisterhood knows no bounds. 

Our Founders

  • Martha "Mattie" Foote Crow
  • Rena A. Michaels Atchison
  • Clara Bradley Burdette
  • Jane Sara Higham
  • Florence Chidester Lukens
  • Ida Gilbert Houghton
  • Clara Sittser Williams
  • Kate Hogoboom Gilbert
  • Louise Shepard Hancock
  • Elizabeth Hubbell Shults.

Mission Statement:

Alpha Phi International Fraternity is a membership organization dedicated to promoting sisterhood, cultivating leadership, encouraging intellectual curiosity and advocating service. Alpha Phi develops character for a lifetime.

Alpha Phi is represented by the Greek letters "Alpha," the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and "Phi" the twenty-first letter. The "Phi" in Alpha Phi is pronounced "fee" not "fie." Why? In the Greek language, "Phi" is pronounced "fee" when it follows a vowel. Alpha Phi is also officially called, "Alpha Phi International Fraternity" because at the time we were founded the term "sorority" had not yet been coined.

Behind the Name

The Three Ideals of Alpha Phi:

- Sisterhood
- Service
- Scholarship

The Alpha Phi Pledge was written in 1892 by Geneve Gwynn Wiley, (A - Syracuse).

"I pledge allegiance to Alpha Phi,
Who has chosen me to uphold her high
Ideals of womanhood and scholarship,
And of service and to perpetuate her
Spirit of sisterly love and kindness."

The Pledge

Our symbols:

Fraternity Symbol

The symbol of Alpha Phi is the ivy leaf. 
(Hence our term "Ivy League")

The Fraternity Crest


 The Fraternity Crest is the Alpha Phi coat-of-arms, adopted by Convention delegates in 1922. The shield is Bordeaux with a scroll and ivy leaf above it. Inscribed on the scroll is the public motto, Union hand in hand. A bar of silver crosses the shield from left to right; the upper half of the shield contains a Roman lamp in silver and the lower half, Ursa Major. The meaning of the symbols depicted on the crest is a significant part of the ritual witnessed at initiation. The use of the Fraternity crest is reserved for jewelry, sportswear and other Fraternity equipment befitting the dignity and honor of Alpha Phis heritage.

 Fraternity Colors

The colors of Alpha Phi are Silver and Bordeaux. The original colors were blue and gold. In 1879, noting that a fraternity had colors too similar, Alpha Phi adopted the more distinctive colors of silver and Bordeaux. Members wear their colors in the form of a ribbon of silver/gray and Bordeaux, under their badge to acknowledge special occasions, the installation of a new chapter, the anniversary of their chapters installation or the celebration of Alpha Phi Founders Day, October 10.

Fraternity Flowers

The flowers of Alpha Phi are the fragrant lily of the valley and the blue and gold forget-me-not. 

Fraternity Constellation

The Fraternity constellation is Ursa Major, the Great Bear. This symbol can be seen on the Alpha Phi crest and is displayed on the ceiling of the Alpha Phi Executive Office in Evanston, Illinois.

Fraternity Mascot

The mascot of Alpha Phi, the Phi Bear, is named after Ursa Major, the Great Bear, and was adopted in 1974.

Zeta Beta's History

Alpha Phi’s Zeta Beta chapter was established at Loyola Marymount in 1976 as the first sorority on campus – making our chapter the First & the Finest!

Awards & Recognitions

The Zeta Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi has won the following awards at the National Collegiate Conference in the past several years:

  • Top Collegiate Alpha Phi Chapter in the Nation

  • Top Chapter in the Southwest Region

  • Order of the Lamp Award

  • Excellence in Watchcare

  • Partner Excellence in Philanthropy

  • Excellence in New Member Education

  • Excellence in Citizenship

  • Excellence in Chapter Identity/Image

  • Excellence in Service/Philanthropy

  • Excellence in Target Membership Marketing

  • Excellence in Community Service 

  • Excellence in Social Media/Marketing 

  • Foundation Award: Number 1 contributor to the Alpha Phi Foundation by raising over $150,000 in the last three years

  • Five years in a row as top fundraising chapter in the United States